226 Alaskan students awarded and supported between 2015 - 2021

$1,726,157 in direct student support awarded between 2015-2021

62 Interns placed with NASA centers and Alaska Industry partners between 2015-2021

92% of graduates from 2015-2021 now employed in STEM fields or pursuing advanced STEM degrees

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What Our Students Say

I was able to travel to international conferences that introduced me to researchers I'm in collaboration with today. Additionally, it allowed me to afford materials and computational time that were integral to the development of my dissertation.

It helped me achieve my life line goal of being a NASA intern and making connections to work in that line.



Sea ice influence on benthic community variability in the Alaskan Arctic shelves

Despite being a point of interest and study for decades, the Arctic continues to hold a treasure-trove of mysteries and research opportunities. As climate change intensifies, more and more data is needed to understand an ecosystem in flux. 

Alexandra Ravelo, a marine biology PhD student…

Alexandra Ravelo

Microbial Adaptive Mechanisms to Iron Limitations Provides Clues to Early Life

UAA student battles cold, COVID-19 to understand life on Earth

Megan Brauner, a graduate student at…

Megan Brauner