205 Alaskan students awarded and supported between 2015 - 2019

$1,107,300 in direct student support awarded between 2015-2019

45 Interns placed with NASA centers and Alaska Industry partners between 2015-2019

75% of graduates from 2015-2019 now employed in STEM fields or pursuing advanced STEM degrees

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What Our Students Say

Funding from the ASGP program allowed me to gain work experience in my profession, and specifically the discipline within the field that I am interested in. The ability to learn the nature of software development related to physical simulation and DEM modeling is extremely helpful. 

It funded my undergraduate research and also my summer internship at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama.



Testing Concept of Self and Abstraction Abilities in Octopuses Using Distorting Mirrors

Dozens of species across the animal kingdom including Asian elephants (Plotnik et al., 2006), Bottlenose dolphins (Reiss and Marino 2001), Oval squid (Ikeda and Matsumoto 2007), cuttlefish (Palmer et al. 2006) and Magpies (Prior et al. 2008) have been tested for a concept of self, defined by…

Kaitlyn Houk

Recent Changes in Shrub Distribution and Abundance in the Chugach Mountains, Alaska

As earth's climate warms plant communities are changing. In particular, scientists have seen an increase in shrub biomass, abundance, and distribution in Arctic and alpine tundra, collectively termed “shrub expansion”. While studies indicate that climate change underlines this growth, local…

Christina Rinas