226 Alaskan students awarded and supported between 2015 - 2021

$1,726,157 in direct student support awarded between 2015-2021

62 Interns placed with NASA centers and Alaska Industry partners between 2015-2021

92% of graduates from 2015-2021 now employed in STEM fields or pursuing advanced STEM degrees

Funding Opportunities

What Our Students Say

Receiving funding from the Alaska Space Grant Program allowed me to travel to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and work in the Office of Communications. This internship allowed me to pursue a goal of telling the stories behind the science at the agency, as well as communicate between the community and the center. After that experience, I looked into applying for graduate school to allow myself to further seek out opportunities in science communication, and I am happy to say that I have been accepted as a student during the fall 2018 semester at Johns Hopkins University in their Masters of Arts in Science Writing program. This continuation of my education would not have been possible without the support of the Alaska Space Grant Program.

Allowed me to collect samples and run analysis that otherwise, I would not have been able to do. 


Aeronautics Research

Thomas Edwards at Langley

The best learning experiences are the ones that teach us something new about ourselves. For Thomas Edwards, a physics student and UA scholar, his internship at NASA during the summer of 2013 proved to be just such an experience. (click photo to continue story)

During his internship as…

Thomas Edwards

Recent Changes in Shrub Distribution and Abundance in the Chugach Mountains, Alaska

As earth's climate warms plant communities are changing. In particular, scientists have seen an increase in shrub biomass, abundance, and distribution in Arctic and alpine tundra, collectively termed “shrub expansion”. While studies indicate that climate change underlines this growth, local…

Christina Rinas