226 Alaskan students awarded and supported between 2015 - 2021

$1,726,157 in direct student support awarded between 2015-2021

62 Interns placed with NASA centers and Alaska Industry partners between 2015-2021

92% of graduates from 2015-2021 now employed in STEM fields or pursuing advanced STEM degrees

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What Our Students Say

It allowed to me to gain experience involving software and hardware design of a satellite subsystem.

It helped me to gain experience in my field. This has given me more potential employment opportunities.



Influence of Sleep on the Consolidation and Recall of Memory in Octopus Rubescens

Animals — from jellyfish to human beings — sleep. Why this behavior is so common is still unclear, but sleep appears to be connected to learning and memory. Mitchel McCloskey, an Environmental Science Master’s student at Alaska Pacific University (APU), is investigating how…

Mitchel McCloskey

Microseismicity at Taku Glacier

Taku Glacier is a tidewater glacier located southeast of Juneau, Alaska. From 2014 to 2016, it was the subject of a comprehensive monitoring project that documented some of the quickly evolving processes on the formerly advancing glacier. Jenna Zechmann first set foot on…

Jenna Zechmann