Expanding the Study of Plasma Discharge Conditions with Computational and Experimental Models



The purpose of this project is to study plasma discharge conditions that can lead to the production of different chemical species for atmospheric pressure applications, for contexts such as the biomedical or space fields. Corona discharges are very useful for creating non-equilibrium chemical reactions because these discharges are stable and easy to use in a wide array of gases and pressures. Specifically, we will be working with DC (Direct Current) corona discharge at atmospheric pressure, while also investigating these conditions with or without a magnetic field, as magnetized corona discharge is not yet a well-documented study. We will investigate such conditions using both the tabletop corona discharge setup and a computer simulated physics environment, in an application called COMSOL, then compare results.


Name: Hunter Brandt, Undergraduate Student

Institution: University of Alaska Anchorage

Major: Computer Science

Mentor: Nathan Hicks, nkhicks@alaska.edu

Award: Apprenticeship

Funding Period: 2020