Use of Radio Telescopes in an Undergraduate Environmental Science Curriculum


This project seeks to incorporate the use of a Very Small Radio Telescope (VSRT) to observe the 11 GHz line of ozone in the mesosphere, as well as introduce students to the basic principles of remote sensing through construction and use of a small radio telescope. Ozone observations will be conducted in conjunction with the Mesospheric Ozone System for Atmospheric Investigations (MOSAIC) project operated by Haystack Observatory and MIT. A MOSAIC site was established on the Alaska Pacific University (APU) campus in September and we have collected ozone measurements continuously since then. Formal learning activities will be developed to make use of APU’s ozone spectrometer and the MOSAIC network. The second aspect of the project will enable student teams to construct very small radio telescopes and use these in performing a variety of experiments.


Name: Richard Myers, Professor of Environmental Science

Institution: Alaska Pacific University

Award: Higher Education, Project

Funding Period: 2011