Undergraduate Geoscience Field Studies Support


This project will provide support for the University of Alaska Southeast undergraduate science students to participate in meaningful Alaskan geoscience field experiences. These funds will be used to support UAS students in the Juneau Icefield Research Programs and UAS students participating in the Alaska Cell of the Friends of the Pleistocene field workshops. Both of these experiences explore, conduct, and showcase research in active surface processes, glaciation, and climate science in Alaska, the Yukon, and northern British Columbia. Student participants will observe directly and participate in feild data collection, analysis, and reduction. They will be able to make connections between their classroom understanding of climate science, the cryosphere, active tectonics, and ongoing habitat change with the physical realities and challenges of building and maintaining infrastructure and water supplies for communities located on or near dynamic Alaskan landscapes. This is hands-on field science training for future field scientists.


Name: Cathy Connor, Professor of Geology

Institution: University of Alaska Southeast

Award: Higher Education, Project

Funding Period: 2012