Support for GEOL493 Quarternary Geology Prince of Wales Island/FOP 2011

The purpose of this field course is to provide meaningful, on-ice, glaciological research experiences for undergraduates in the physical sciences, who are seeking careers in the earth, environmental and climate sciences. This course will be offered through the University of Alaska Southeast’s Environmental Science Program and participating students will receive 3-9 upper division ENVS credits. The glacier camp research facilities of the Foundation for Glacier and Environmental Research, located on the USFS-permitted, bedrock nunataks across the Juneau Icefield, will be used to shelter participates and enable delivery of the course’s academic program. This proposal also requests $4,510 to support travel for 7 UAS undergraduates and 1 faculty member to travel to Juneau to Ketchikan and Prince of Wales Island for the 2011 Alaska Cell of the Friends of the Pleistocene (FOP) sponsored by the Alaska Quaternary Center at UAF. UAS students can participate in this 3 day field experience and earn 2 supper division science credits by enrolling in a course offered through the Environmental Science Program at UAS during fall 2011 semester. The FOP field trips enable Alaska’s experts in climate, soil, geomorphology, oceanography, anthropology, palynology and paleontology to gather and visit sites of interest that have yielded important information about the natural history of the region over the past 2 million years.

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Name: Cathy Connor, Professor of Geology

Institution: University of Alaska Southeast

Award: Higher Education, Project

Funding Period: 2011