Undergraduate research apprenticeship application

Undergraduate Research Apprenticeships of up to $6,000 will be awarded through a competitive process. Awards are open to new and continuing students to support research and/or engineering projects fostering the vision of NASA by encouraging career goals in STEM disciplines, strengthening the nation’s STEM workforce and engaging Americans in NASA’s mission. Students receiving awards in past competitions may apply for subsequent competitions. Women, under-represented minorities and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Students are required to identify a faculty mentor with whom they intend to work and who is available to write a letter of collaboration. The mentor must provide a letter of collaboration agreeing to serve in the capacity of mentor for the duration of the award. Please provide any potential mentors the Letter to Potential Mentors available on the Alaska Space Grant website. The letter of collaboration from a faculty mentor must address the items discussed in this letter. In the letter of collaboration, the mentor must outline his/her expectations of and responsibilities to the student.

After completing the application form, students must email a single PDF to ASGP at uaf-spacegrant@alaska.edu, using the email subject line: Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Application. The application PDF must be organized in this order:

  1. Project proposal (3 page maximum, see guidelines below)
  2. A letter of collaboration from their mentor
  3. Resume
  4. Most recent transcript.

Project Proposal Guidelines

The project proposal shall include the following items:

  1. Project Title
  2. Project Synopsis: Include a short synopsis of this project outlining its purpose in terms understandable to the general reader. You should address what “big picture” questions your research or engineering project is attempting to address and its relevance to NASA and how it aligns with NASA’s strategic goals. Also, describe your projects relevance to the needs of Alaska. Describe what the science/technology investigation will be, what are you planning to accomplish and what the anticipated results are.
  3. Project Description: Clearly describe the proposed research or engineering project and your plans on developing it. Identify what has already been accomplished and what you expect to accomplish over the award period. Break up your award timeline into smaller manageable task and provide an estimation of how long it will take to complete each task. Identify the milestones or achievements at each step which show the progression of the project. Identify any parts of your project that will need special attention or any special tests that will be used to evaluate your project. Specify your expectations and responsibilities, if you are working in a group identify how your expectations and responsibilities affect the project as a whole. Be clear on what you expect to accomplish during this award period. 
  4. References (not included in three page maximum)
  5. Prior Work (not included in three page maximum): If applying for continuation funds, a student must have submitted either a report or a copy of a presented poster prior to applying for additional funding. The student must include a one-page report on progress during the current project. The report should describe your activities during the current time period and an evaluation of the successful and unsuccessful components of the program. Documentation of any papers, presentations, announcements, new articles, and press releases relating to the existing project should be included in an appendix.

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