Alaska Aerospace Corporation

Alaska Aerospace Corporation

The Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) is a public corporation of the Sate of Alaska headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska that operates the Pacific Spaceport Comples - Alaska (PSCA) located on Kodiak Island, Alaska. AAC was created to take the lead in the development of the aerospace industry in Alaska and has conducted twenty launches from PSCA since first becoming operational in 1998.

Under direction of the President, the 2020 summer intern will perform spaceport-related technical and operations projects at Alaska Aerospace headquarters office in Anchorage, Alaska and conduct field work at PSCA. The functions of a spaceport operations intern consist of preparing and updating plans and spaceport-related documentation; visiting PSCA to work on infrastructure upgrade projects, launch system maintenance activities, and performing the daily duties like review of plans, budgets, and applications. Also, the intern may perform compilation of data and convert them into plans, make an estimation of the cost of materials and read and interpret technical documents. The selected individual should have the ability to apply engineering and/or scientific approaches to real-world space launch systems as well as understand the importance of and follow safety procedures as well as federal, state, and local regulations. A working knowledge of MatLab, understanding of orbital mechanics, experience with airport operations, and/or familiarity with rocket technology are a plus.

Activities will include, but not be limited to:

  • Shadowing oversight and day-to-day control of AAC technical operations, with focus on systems engineering, in-the-field application, and project management of launch missions and the site;
  • Hands-on work maintaining readiness and operability all range safety, telemetry, communications, and launch control center systems;
  • Assist with developing designs and projects, as needed
  • Assist with budgetary estimates of projects
  • Assist with job tasks/work orders and tracks expenditures as may be required to complete Capital Budget projects or other tasks as needed
  • Learn about the readiness and operability of hardware safety systems in use at PSCA.
  • Draft technical reports and documentation to enable efficient launch customer interfaces, meet regulatory requirements, and communicate progress and outcomes of projects and spaceport capabilities
  • Participate in design reviews for facility and launch system changes; engineering budget planning, preparation, and control, to include an engineering estimate/review of costs and prices;
  • Be available to assist maintenance personnel rapidly respond to and correct system malfunctions to support spaceport operations.

Strong written and verbal communication skills are required. The position requires interpersonal skills needed to work with a diverse team of AAC and customer personnel. The position requires familiarity with a broad range of commercial and light industrial hardware and electrical systems and practices associated with a launch facility. This is a multi-disciplinary position requiring interest and flexibility for hands-on technical operations.

The position is located in Anchorage, Alaska with extended periods of operations at PSCA in Kodiak, Alaska. See here for more details.

Application Materials

Please order your single PDF as follows:

  • cover letter detailing the applicant's interest in the internship and demonstrating compliance to the position requirements
  • letter of recommendation
  • demographic form

Email a single PDF to ASGP at, using the subject line: AK Industry Internship Application -- Alaska Aerospace Corporation.