226 Alaskan students awarded and supported between 2015 - 2021

$1,726,157 in direct student support awarded between 2015-2021

62 Interns placed with NASA centers and Alaska Industry partners between 2015-2021

92% of graduates from 2015-2021 now employed in STEM fields or pursuing advanced STEM degrees

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What Our Students Say

The Alaska Space Grant program helped me achieve my goals in many ways. It provided an area where I could learn, experiment, and do research. Working and collaborating with other students on projects was a very rewarding and fun process. Additionally, the order in lab functions similar to how it would in an industry which helped a lot. Overall the knowledge and motivation of colleagues and the director Dr. Thorsen for projects and learning know things helped tremendously. The funding allowed me to development, engineer, test, and build spacecraft modules and make design changes. I would not be where I am at today if it wasn't for this lab, the students involved, and the director, Dr. Thorsen.

The funding I have received from the Alaska Space Grant Program has been instrumental in helping me achieve me goals! I was able to travel to my study area on the Kenai Peninsula from Juneau, Alaska. I have successfully deployed all of my passive acoustic monitors as well as begun conducting visual surveys for Cook Inlet beluga whales at the Kenai and Kasilof rivers. The funding has assisted with travel costs, housing, salary, and field equipment.



Influence of Sleep on the Consolidation and Recall of Memory in Octopus Rubescens

Animals — from jellyfish to human beings — sleep. Why this behavior is so common is still unclear, but sleep appears to be connected to learning and memory. Mitchel McCloskey, an Environmental Science Master’s student at Alaska Pacific University (APU), is investigating how…

Mitchel McCloskey
Aeronautics Research

Thomas Edwards at Langley

The best learning experiences are the ones that teach us something new about ourselves. For Thomas Edwards, a physics student and UA scholar, his internship at NASA during the summer of 2013 proved to be just such an experience. (click photo to continue story)

During his internship as…

Thomas Edwards