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NASA Selects Proposals for Student Flight Research Opportunities

In the fall of 2015, over a dozen UAF engineering and science students, working in the Space Systems Engineering Program, wrote and submitted a proposal to the NASA Undergraduate Student Instrument Project (USIP) opportunity. On April 6, 2016, NASA announced that the UAF proposal was one of the 47 selected, receiving $200,000.

The primary mission proposed is to refine the ARC bus architecture, fly an improved Launch Environment Data Logger, and modify the COMM subsystem by creating a flexible communication infrastructure (satellite and ground) that would allow testing of variable coded modulation techniques and retro-directive antenna arrays for small satellites. Additionally, students are developing several science payloads for future missions. Some of these payloads (currently in concept phase) include developing (i) a Solar Sail deployment and drag experiment; (ii) an imager system to observe sprites in the upper atmosphere; (iii) an imager system to observe Arctic methane and black carbon.

Congratulations UAF and the Space Systems Engineering Program team!