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Alaska represented at International conference

Mindona Krzykowski traveled abroad to represent Alaska at an international conference. Ms. Krzykowski is a senior physics major at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The 62nd International Astronautical Congress was held October 3-7, 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa. This annual event is a combined effort of the International Astronautical Federation, International Academy of Astronautics and the International Institute of Space Law (IISL). Scientists, researchers, industry, agency heads and top executives of the world’s space agencies attended the IAC, along with many students and young professionals.

Krzykowski’s talk, entitled Identifying and characterizing vxB events on the lunar surface from the Apollo 14 Suprathermal Ion Detector Experiment (SIDE), reports the work that she did during the last 2 summers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) and the intervening academic year at UAF. During this time she had many mentors and advisors for the research. William Farrell, Michael Collier, Kent Hills, and Timothy Stubbs were mentors at Goddard Space Flight Center and Channon Price was her UAF mentor. The internship at GSFC was part of the Lunar and Planetary Science Academy directed by Cynthia Cheung. These mentors and advisors are part of the growing network of scientists and professionals that will be integral in Krzykowski’s next career steps.

Participating in this international Congress was a wonderful opportunity to represent UAF, Alaska and the Alaska Native population on a global stage. Krzykowski made her presentation dressed in traditional Athabascan formal wear and got to share some of her native culture with others from around the world.

Krzykowski gratefully acknowledges travel support from the Alaska Space Grant Program, the UAF Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity program, the Office of the UAF Provost, and the UAF Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Research for this trip, and research support from the Lunar and Planetary Science Academy and Goddard Space Flight Center. She also recognizes support from the UAF physics department for her research, noting particularly that of Saundra Jefko, John Olson and her fellow undergraduates.