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CAN Research

NASA's Office of Education, in cooperation with NASA's four Mission Directorates - Aeronautics Research, Exploration Systems, Science, and Space Operations - and NASA's ten Centers, solicits research proposal yearly through its Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) research solicitation. Each funded NASA EPSCoR proposal is expected to establish research activities that will make significant contributions to the strategic research and technology development priorities of one or more of the Mission Directorates and contribute to the overall research infrastructure, science and technology capabilities, higher education and economic development of the jurisdiction. Through this solicitation NASA seeks to increase research funding to EPSCoR states, which historically have been under-funded by NASA.

Each jurisdiction is allowed to submit up to two proposals. Proposals may be submitted for a maximum award of $700,000 for a three-year period of performance. There typically a 1:1 non-federal match requirement on all awards.

The following are the specific objectives of NASA EPSCoR:

  • Contribute to and promote the development of research infrastructure in NASA EPSCoR jurisdictions in areas of strategic importance to the NASA mission
  • Improve the capabilities of the NASA EPSCoR jurisdictions to gain support from sources outside the NASA EPSCoR program.
  • Develop partnerships between NASA research assets, academic institutions, and industry.
  • Contribute to the overall research infrastructure, science and technology capabilities, higher education, and/or economic development of the jurisdiction.
  • Work in close coordination with Space Grant to improve the environment for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in the jurisdiction.

Download the Pre-proposal Application

NASA has finally released the 2012 Research CAN. See link for
FY 2012 NASA Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) ESPCoR Research Announcement

NASA contacts may be found at:
NASA Office of Chief Technologist (OCT) National Network

FY2012 CAN is released

9/30/2011 Announce request for pre-proposal
11/8/2011 Pre-proposal due
11/10/2011 Send out pre-proposals for email reviews
11/18/2011 Panel review
12/10/2011 Compile reviews and announce two pre-proposals to go forward.
7/20/2012 NOI’s due
8/1/2012 Final proposal due to Alaska NASA EPSCoR office
8/14/2012 Final proposal due to NASA (11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time)

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