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Latest Alaska Space Grant News

NASA/APL Summer Opportunities at the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory

The NASA/APL Internship Program has been hosting students since 2004, and was previously a part of the NASA Goddard Combined Internships Application. The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) offers summer projects to STEM students interested in working on NASA missions or space-related research opportunities at APL. Students participating in the 2012 NASA/APL Internship Program will work at APL, and will contribute to current and future missions during their assignments in the Space Exploration Sector.

NASA LiftOff 2015 Professional Development Institute

LiftOff 2015


Alaska Research CubeSat (ARC) Selected for Launch

The Alaska Research CubeSat (ARC) satellite is one of 12 CubeSat payloads selected for launch under the NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative ( This satellite is being developed through the Alaska Space Grant sponsored Space Systems Engineering Program (SSEP) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF).